About Steve

Freshly screened 9:30 Club prints!

Born in DC and raised in the 'burbs, I cut my teeth on the punk, new wave and alternative music scene in the Nation's Capitol in the 80s and 90s. To say that I feel incredibly lucky to have had all this rich culture in my own backyard would be putting it mildly. While the city has changed (for better or worse) what cannot be denied is that we've lost some key totems of a community that once thrived.

Since then I have moved freely through the cities of the Mid-Atlantic... Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Boston, Philly and the like. Clubs, bars, restaurants and other cultural landmarks are where I draw my inspiration.

Through my artwork, I pay homage to some of these touchstones - the places where we gathered together, grooved to the music, strutted our stuff, and generally made merry. Forget ye not...

These prints are labors of love. I hope you enjoy and love them too. Cheers!