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Board To Death 3-Print Set


Image of Board To Death 3-Print Set
  • Image of Board To Death 3-Print Set
  • Image of Board To Death 3-Print Set
  • Image of Board To Death 3-Print Set

From my new print series: "Board To Death" - classic boards from the early-mid 80s! Buy all 3 and save a bundle... your walls will thank you!

Who in their right mind didn't want a Sims Hosoi/Rising Sun skateboard back in the day? It looked bad-ass on the skate shop wall and even more bad-ass once it was stickered and thrashed, which was usually within the first month of ownership. This board was seen at every ramp session, drainage ditch bombing and downhill mission... and now it can be seen on your wall!

I used to stare at McCoy surfboards until my eyes went blurry. The intricate airbrushing just underneath the fiberglass was mesmerizing. No two boards were alike, and all were inspired and very much of their time. Their bright colors were burned into my retinas, even after so much sunlight exposure would begin to fade the neon pigments over the years. To my chagrin, I never owned a McCoy Lazor Zap, but my wildly airbrushed Rip Curl thruster was the next best thing.

The Burton "Backhill" was my first actual snowboard back in 1984. Prior to getting this coveted beauty, my pals and I had to make do with homemade boards shaped from plywood with surfboard wax and bicycle inner tubes to hold our feet in place. Many a golf course hill was bombed on this baby, and my son now tears up the local hills on a reissued version. Back to the future!

These prints were done via Giclée, a high-end art processing method with a silk-screened ink texture and colors that POP! The paper is 100lb archival poster stock, so these babies are sturdy and will look good forever.

Print size is 8" x 10", which fits a 11" x 14" mat and frame (note: these are not included) - a standard size, available at Michael's, IKEA, A.C. Moore, etc. Shipped flat in a glassine envelope with a cardboard backing in a heavy stock mailing sleeve.