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Poseurs Art Print - Pink & Gold Edition - BLEMISHED

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Image of Poseurs Art Print - Pink & Gold Edition - BLEMISHED

NOTE: These prints may have a little blurring, a scratch in the ink, or a slight off-register screen. These still look great on the wall and the defects are slight, just not what I consider to be first-quality. BUT the price reflects this! Go crazy!!!

Shimmery gold and a custom-mixed Valentines Day pink ink for Version 3! I tried to capture the gold in all its glory, hence the different angles of the photos.

Remember vamping it up at Poseurs back in the 80's? Your hair was sprayed, your cigs smelled like cloves, and modern pop music wafted through the ether. Georgetown is a mere ghost of what it once was, but the true believers remember when it was an awesome place to see and be seen. Put that feeling onto your wall, why don't ya?

My prints are taken from my original collage works. My method is silk screening, which is not only fun (yet time consuming) but also punk as hell (you know I'm right). The small inconsistencies in the printing assure you that they weren't churned out on some ol' laser printer. The human factor is palpable and lovable.

Silk-screened onto 110lb poster paper from the French Paper Company (the gold standard for poster papers!) with three color passes. No two exactly alike, but all are beautiful. Limited signed edition of 15 pieces. Paper size: 16" x 20", image size is 14" x 18". Fits standard frames found at your local craft store, frame shop or IKEA!