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Sixteen Candles Movie Quote Print

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Image of Sixteen Candles Movie Quote Print
  • Image of Sixteen Candles Movie Quote Print

Sixteen Candles was the quintessential mall-movie back in the day. It gave us teens a lot to think about, especially what the hell Jake Ryan's dad DID that he could afford that mammoth house and a danged CAR PHONE?!?! Like, it had a receiver connected by a curly wire. I digress...

The film was way the hell quotable, even if some of the humor now seems a little dodgy. My favorite line, and the one that is perhaps the most poignant, wasn't delivered by Samantha or Farmer Ted but rather Samantha's dad (the guy who always played someone's dad). This one line made you feel like someone TRULY understood the heartbreak involved in being a teenager. It was nice to hear it put so succinctly. It rang true. I decided to put it on a print. So there.

As always, my printed posters are taken from my own original collage works. I silk screen them by hand, which is time consuming but also way-the-hell punk. The small inconsistencies in the printing assure you that these weren't churned out on some stinkin' laser printer.

This print was silkscreened by hand onto 100lb poster paper with vibrant high-quality Speedball poster inks. No two exactly alike, but all are beautiful. Limited signed edition of only 13 pieces. Paper size: 11" x 14", which fits standard frames found at your local craft store, frame shop or IKEA! (frame NOT included)