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The Bayou Silk Screened Art Print - BLEMISHED

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Image of The Bayou Silk Screened Art Print - BLEMISHED

NOTE: These prints may have a little blurring, a scratch in the ink, or a slight off-register screen. These still look great on the wall and the defects are slight, just not what I consider to be first-quality. BUT the price reflects this! Go crazy!!!

Nestled under the K Street bridge on the edge of Georgetown, the Bayou saw it all since it first opened in 1953. Some of you may have good memories of seeing your fave bands there, some may recall the somewhat surly security folks, but most people I know remember it fondly. I sure as hell do.

For me it was the site of my first (of many more to come) Ramones show in 1984, with Scream as the opening act. I also saw awesome sets by Tom Tom Club, Art of Noise, Lucy Brown, among countless others. Being caught just on the wrong side of DC's drinking age at the time, I was sometimes shut out of my intended show, to which I would hawk my ticket and head up to the roof to watch the band from an air conditioning vent right above the stage. The next best thing to being inside!

My prints are taken from my original collage works. My method is silk screening, which is time consuming but also punk as hell. The small inconsistencies in the printing assure you that these weren't churned out on some ol' laser printer. The human factor is palpable and lovable.

Silk-screened onto 110lb poster paper from the French Paper Company (the gold standard for poster paper) in sparkly silver and gold! No two exactly alike, but all are beautiful. Paper size: 16" x 20", image size is 14" x 18". Fits standard frames found at your local craft store, frame shop or IKEA!