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Underground Railroad, Morgantown WV Art Print

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Image of Underground Railroad, Morgantown WV Art Print
  • Image of Underground Railroad, Morgantown WV Art Print
  • Image of Underground Railroad, Morgantown WV Art Print

How lucky was I? Going to West Virginia University in the 1980's proved to be a treasure trove of live music, all thanks to the twin forces of the Underground Railroad and it's all-age counterpart, the Dry House. I spent at least 3 nights a week at these venues during my college tenure. You probably did the same, right?

Local bands, national bands, jam bands, punk bands, and all the reggae you could handle. I saw Dinosaur Jr. (pre "Jr."!), Black Flag, They Might Be Giants, Dead Milkmen, DOA, Red Hot Chili Peppers (for FIVE dollars!), as well as way too many more to list here individually!

Hometown heroes like Velez Manifesto, 63 Eyes, the Wholly Nones, Th' Inbred, Rasta Rafiki and the like... man, the embarrassment of riches that have put in time on that stage is astounding! Still going strong as 123 Pleasant Street, the spirit of the Underground Railroad will never die. And why not plop this print on your wall just to make sure that you never forget for even an instant about how cool that time and place was?

My prints are taken from my original collage works. My method is silk screening, which is time consuming but also punk as hell. The small inconsistencies in the printing assure you that these weren't churned out on some ol' laser printer. The human factor is palpable and lovable.

BTW, 5% of all my print sales go to the National Stuttering Association (https://westutter.org/), an organization near and dear to our hearts. They do great work for a relatively under-served population. Please check them out if you or someone you love has speech disfluencies.

Silk-screened onto 110lb poster paper from the French Paper Company (the gold standard for poster papers!) in bold poster inks. No two exactly alike, but all are beautiful. Limited signed edition of 30 pieces. Paper size: 16" x 20", image size is 14" x 18". Fits standard frames found at your local craft store, frame shop or IKEA!