The Rathskeller "Surf's Up" Giclée Art Print (Multi-size options)

$25.00 - $70.00
The Rathskeller "Surf's Up" Giclée Art Print (Multi-size options)


History Lesson: Way back in 1980, The Gremies gave us their release "No Surfin In Dorchester Bay" (there is a video on YouTube - go check it out). As a companion piece to that ode, an iconic photo of the band's singer, Richie Parsons, was taken as he headed into the Rat with his trusty surfboard in hand. This is about as iconic an image as it gets... it truly has it all. Punk as hell, smart-ass to all high-heaven... and hysterical to boot.

And it spoke to me. When I moved to Boston sight unseen back in the early 90s, all I had was my duffel bag, a guitar and yes, my surfboard. Eyes would be upon me as I would take the bus to the commuter train with my wetsuit, board and backpack to hit various points along the North Shore beaches in hopes of finding some surf. I was mostly shut out of any worthwhile sets, but the spirit was indeed there. Hell, it's still here today.

With the weather finally getting warmer, I felt like it was time to pay a little homage to the marriage of gritty rock n' roll and the never-ending pursuit of a surfable wave. Did I take a lot of artistic license (and perhaps even a bit of ballyhoo) when creating this image? I did. Is it for anyone and everyone? I sure hope so... and maybe that person is YOU?

This is printed via Giclée, a high end archival printing process that layers inks in a similar fashion to screening. The colors POP and the image is very sharp!

Paper stock is Moab Entrada Rag Natural - a warm white, 100% cotton, slightly textured, smooth fine art surface. All available options are standard frame sizes found at your local craft store, frame shop or IKEA! (frame NOT included)